Influence your Audience with Digital Signage

With Screenfluence, businesses can remotely manage and showcase their digital content on any display.

Why Choose Screenfluence

Achieve More Sales

ScreenFluence will boost your sales by allowing you to showcase your content on any display to optimize every potential customer. Engage your customers with amazing visuals to maintain long standing brand loyalty & customer retention. Engage your promotional creativity. A Nielsen Media Research study reports 70% of customers say in-store messages sway their decisions.

Ease of Use

Plug and play hardware with no complications. Update content within seconds from any online device with such ease that you will save time, money and manpower. No I.T. experience needed Digital Signage belongs in marketing.

Cost Effective

Attract more customers, create more sales, create customer retention at a low cost for a quality product. Digital Signage is here to stay. Digital Signage offers an excellent opportunity to focus consumers on special deals or new product offerings while cutting the cost of old methods like posters, flyers and other paper alternatives.


Digital Directory

How it Works

Step 1

Connect Device to Display

Simply connect our device to your display via HDMI. You will then need to provide internet access to the device by entering your WiFi credentials or connecting an ethernet cable.

Step 2

Login to Web App

The Screenfluence Web App is the brain of your digital signage network. Login to our Web App from any internet enabled device, upload all of your pictures and videos to ensure you have the right content for each screen.

Step 3

Create a Campaign

Easily organize your content into custom playlists, assign them to your screen and watch as it seamlessly plays on your screen. This is all done over your Wi-Fi, removing the need for messy cables or long waiting times


Junked Food Co

"Our food is very unique and therefore we get a lot of questions when customers are in line. Using pictures and videos has helped people better understand what our food is made of and how it is made. The software is extremely easy to use especially when uploading new content. We also love the new Instagram feature. Customers can now see their pictures pop up on a screen in our location."

International Safety

"We love the drag and drop functionality of the Screenfluence interface. It was pretty easy to navigate during the start up phase but we have also found it really easy to continually edit our content. This allows us to keep content fresh and relevant. By using Screenfluence we have found that our digital signs are now more that just a novelty; they are a central part of our communication strategy. We were pleasantly surprised to find that during internet or wifi interruptions the content continued to be displayed on the screens"


"Screenfluence installed three directory screens in a Medical building of ours downtown. People used to continually ask me what floors certain doctors were on and what room they were in. This has now been solved with the installation of our digital displays. The software has also allowed us to update tenant information immediately."

Dentistry In Motion

"Our four screen video wall has helped bring new patients into Dentistry In Motion by displaying our Dental services to people as they walk by. We make sure people stay up to date with our current promotions and added services using the Screenfluence platform."